Philosophy, Vision, Mission


Education makes a complete man, constitutes wisdom, and develops locality.


Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University intends to produce practitioner graduates in response to the country development and to be the intellectual power of locality.


In respect of the Rajabhat University Act B.E. 2547 (2004) specified in Section 7 “the University is an institute of higher education for local development in order to help reinforce national intelligence, revive the learning force, promote local wisdom, create artistry for secure and sustainable prosperity of the people, take part in managing, maintaining, utilizing natural resources and environment on balance and sustention basis under the objectives of providing education, enhancing advanced knowledge and professionalism, providing lessons, researching, providing academic services to society, improving, transferring, and developing technology, maintaining arts and culture, generating teachers and enhancing the academic standing of teachers”, Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University has determined the 6 missions as follows:
1. Produce graduates of high quality and morality and expand educational opportunities;
2. Produce graduates for the teaching profession and promote the teachers’ academic standing;
3. Conserve and promote arts, cultures and local wisdoms continuously;
4. Research for local development to universal standard and pursue the development of royal initiative projects;
5. Develop effective and efficient management systems;and
6. Contribute to the development of the local community potentials.


As prescribed in Section 8 of the Rajabhat University Act B.E. 2547 (2004), in order to attain the objectives mentioned in Section 7, the roles and responsibilities of the University shall be established as follows:
1. To seek and reach for reality of technical excellence based on local wisdom, Thai wisdom, and international wisdom;
2. To generate graduates with knowledge and conscience, consciousness on Thai nationality and culture, love and attachment with local, and promote lifelong learning in the community in order to help local people keep up with innovation. Number and quality of the graduates generated shall be harmonious with the National Graduate Generation Plan;
3. To reinforce knowledge and understanding of value, consciousness, and pride of local and national culture;
4. To learn and reinforce strength of community leaders, religious leaders, and local politicians for democratic consciousness, conscience, ethics, and community and local development administration with the capability for common interest;
5. To reinforce strength of teaching profession, generate and develop teachers and educational personnel for proper quality and standard of advanced profession;
6. To coordinate, cooperate, and assist universities, communities, local government, and other organizations, locally and internationally for local development;
7. To study and seek for direction of local technology and modern technology development in harmony with the way of life and occupation of local people, and seek the direction of promoting management, maintenance, and utilization of natural resources and environment on a balanced and sustained basis; and
8. To study, research, promote, and pursue royal projects on performing missions of the University for local development.