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    Bougainvillea spp.
    Peper Flower, Kertas

History and General Information


         Bougainvillea was first discovered in Brazil by the French botanist, about AD 1766-1769, and has been used to grow in various parts of the world from Europe, North America and Asia. In Thailand, the bougainvillea varieties have come from Singapore, first as MD. Reign in 2423. There are at least five varieties of bougainvillea in a foreign country. The bougainvillea grows well in Thailand. The mutations cause a lot of varieties.

Botanical Characteristics


         Bougainvillea is a woody shrub of the semi-trailer. Size varies from small shrubs to large shrubs. Thorny stems leaves are broken up by twigs or switches with the same indentation. Hairy covering up a little. Green or leaf spot. Pointed oval shape, 3-6 cm wide, 2-3 cm long bract appearance. Each heart shaped or oval leaves are 3-5 colors such as purple, red, pink, orange, blue, yellow and more. Complete with flowers as male gender and a bouquet of flowers, axillary or terminal, with three branches, each flower is 1-2 cm long tube.



         Bougainvillea is a kind of plant that needs strong sunllight in outdoor conditions throughout the day. If the sun is not enough to do it, the dark color of the flower is less. It desires medium or hot humid temperature. Although it can grow during drought but water is suggested when the plant is still young. When grown up, it only needs relatively moderate to little water and too much water will make less flowering.